Frequently Asked Questions About GNBVTI

Why Choose GNBVTI?

Our Technical Institute offers many courses through a trimester format for those who wish to obtain additional skills, continuing education hours or certifications. Courses include licensed/non-licensed trades and electives.

Students receive an enhanced skillset and increased confidence to prepare them for the competitive workforce in today’s economy. You will connect with a network of industry professionals, enthusiasts and subject matter experts. Our courses are designed to be accessible and affordable to meet the needs of our students.

What happens with Inclement Weather?

When GNB Voc-Tech day school has been cancelled, the evening school classes are automatically cancelled.

How to Register for Classes?

Payments accepted by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. Make checks payable to: GNBVTI

  • Tuition is due in full at registration
  • Registration is open to all, regardless of where they reside
  • Classes operate on a Trimester Schedule.  Times can vary.



You must create an account or sign-in. Credit Card or Debit Card payments accepted.

In Person

Cash and Checks are accepted. Checks payable to GNBVTI.

Over The Phone

Call 508.998.3321 Ext. 195 Payments only accepted by credit card.

What is the Reimbursement Policy?

Tuition will be returned if it is impossible to conduct a course or if the student decides to drop out of a planned course at least 48 hours before it begins.  We conduct classes based on registration; less than 48-hour notice is necessary to notify our instructors of a cancellation.

What’s Your Email Address?

Our email address is a great way to contact us!  It is

Who’s allowed to register for classes?

Registration is open to all, regardless of where they reside. Students must be 18 or older and not currently a high school student to take a course or be in the classroom during instruction.

What tuition discounts are available?

Senior Citizens (60 or over) will receive a $10.00 discount for all 8-week classes and a $5.00 discount for 4-week classes.

When do the classes run?

Classes operate on a Trimester System. All classes run from 5:30-9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday unless otherwise stated.

What if I must withdraw from a class?

Tuition will be returned if it is impossible to conduct a course or the student decides to drop out of a planned course before it begins.


Is there a parking policy?

Parking is allowed in the main parking lots or designated shop areas. Automobiles which are illegally parked will be tagged and brought to the attention of the police.

Are there accommodations for disabilities?

Qualified individuals with disabilities seeking reasonable accommodations are requested to contact the Director at the time of registration.

What certificates can I receive?

At the conclusion of the Adult Education Program, students will be given a certificate in their respective programs if they have attended 75% of the required class. C.E.U.’s and P.D.P.’s are available upon request for some courses.

Will I know who my instructor is before the class begins?

Instructor names on courses are subject to change.

Can I bring someone to my class?

It is the policy that no one is allowed into the building or any classrooms at any time unless they are a Technical Institute student. Only the Technical Institute students are allowed in the building between the hours of 5:00pm – 10:00pm.

Are there make-up days or will the schedule change?

Due to scheduling constraints, make-up classes and specific class dates may be schedules to a different evening at the discretion of the Instructor. Days missed due to inclement weather will be made up if possible.

During my break can I smoke or vape?

There is absolutely NO SMOKING / VAPING anywhere on campus.